The Second International TEAL Workshop

June 12-13, 2004

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Transportation and Accommodation


Welcome to National Tsing Hua University!

101, Section 2, Guangfu Road, Hsinchu City
Telephone of Tsing Hua Linguistics: (03) 571-8615
Map of National Tsing Hua University

Free airport pick-up service by Tsing Hua Linguistics!

The faculty and students at Tsing Hua Linguistics are happy to provide free airport pick-up services to participants of TEAL Workshop.  Please e-mail Barry Yang at and inform us your arrival time and flight number. Since we need to schedule vehicles in advance, please e-mail us no later than 6/6/2004 (Sunday).  The free airport pick-up service by Tsing Hua Linguistics is provided only on the day before the workshop, i.e. 6/11/2004 (Friday).


Transporation from CKS International Airport:

There is no rail connecting to CKS International Airport, therefore the transportation to and leaving CKS Airport depends exclusively on buses and cars.@ There are two terminals in CKS Airport. @You can purchase bus tickets to major cities of Taiwan in the arrival hall of each terminal.@ Also, the taxi stand is located right outside the arrival hall; most taxi drivers at CKS Airport speak some English or Japanese.@ The transportation from CKS Airport to Taipei is very convenient, basically a bus to Taipei every 10 minutes.@ Please consult airport attendants for more details on transportation as well as tourist information about Taipei or other cities/areas of Taiwan.


The website of CKS International Airport (Taipei).

How to get to National Tsing Hua University on your own?
If you plan to come to Tsing Hua on your own, there are several ways to get to National Tsing Hua University from the CKS International Airport (Taipei):

Bus: Take the United Highway Bus. Purchase a ticket at the ticket counter in the arrival hall.@ A one-way trip to the city of Hsinchu costs NT$150. @You will have to transfer at Chungli Freeway Service Center to a different bus to Hsinchu.  Mention "Hsinchu" to the staff at the transfer station and the staff will notify you when the bus bound for Hsinchu arrives. On the second bus, tell the driver you will get off at National Tsing Hua University. The bus will stop one block away from the university.

Terminal I Bus terminal: On the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area. [Map]

Terminal II Bus terminal: On the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area on the first floor of the terminal. [Map]


The following sign is the Chinese characters for United High Way Bus:




The following sign is the Chinese characters for Hsinchu:




The following sign is the Chinese characters for  National Tsing Hua University:


You may show these signs to the bus attendants and drivers.

Taxi: About NT.1,500 for one cab from the  airport to NTHU. Chartered taxis line up right outside the arrival hall.@ You should inform the taxi coordinator about the destination (i.e. the city of Hsinchu) and a taxi will be designated to you. Simply hail a taxi outside the arrival hall. Just tell the driver you are going to National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu City.



Hotels: We recommend the following hotels for the participants to TEAL Workshop. @Please contact the hotels directly for reservation. @Please mention "TEAL Workshop" to the hotel attendant for a special price.


Hotel Regular Price (per room) Special Rate for TEAL Participants (per room)

Berkeley Business Hotel (5-minute walk)

     TEL: 886-3-5728668; FAX: 886-3-5728035

     E-MAIL :

NT. 2,950 (one king-size bed, standard room) NT. 1,890 (with continental breakfast)
Hotel Royal Hsinchu (10 min. by taxi) NT. 6,600-6,900 (one king-size bed, standard room) NT. 3,960 (with buffet breakfast)
Sol Hotel (downtown, 20 min. by taxi) NT. 3,800-7,800 (All types of room) 50% off (All types of room, with buffet breakfast)



Links of interests: 

Hsinchu City Guide: An official website introducing Geographical Location, Historical Overview,  Eating, Lodging, Transportation, Sports and Recreation, Historic Monument Guide, Tour Guide, etc.
Taiwan Fun: An online travel magazine introducing most of the stuffs you need when traveling in Taiwan. (It's a pity that Hsinchu city is not among the fun places on this website. Yet, if you plan to visit other places like Taipei, this is definitely a good guide.)

Taiwan Map: All kinds of maps, dinning, shopping, transportation, entertainment, accommodation, travel guide, etc.


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