The Second International TEAL Workshop

June 12-13, 2004

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TEAL Workshop at NTHU


第二屆國際東亞理論語言學論壇徵 (The 2nd International TEAL Workshop) 預定於2004 年 6 月 12-13 日於新竹市國立清華大學人文社會學院召開。我們歡迎國內各大學、研究機構等學者人士蒞會旁聽。與會人員(不論發表論文與否)我們都將提供免費午餐餐盒兩日)。請填妥下面報名表,以電子郵件傳至。為統計午餐份數,請務必報名。未報名者,我們無法提供午餐。

報名截止日期為 2004年 6 月 7 日。

6 月 12 日上午會議召開前,請已報名者至會場服務人員處報到登記,領取餐券。

(注:投稿獲得接受,並將與會發表論文(含 poster)者,不須再報名。)



第二屆國際東亞理論語言學論壇徵籌備委員會 敬啟








Theoretical East  Asian Linguistic Workshop (known as TEAL Workshop) was founded by Department of  Linguistics, University of California, Irvine, in 1990 and had been an important  forum for presentation of new theories and exchange of novel ideas that bear on  East Asian languages with theoretical interests. Partly because of the  suspension of the linguistic program at UC Irvine, and partly because those who had attended TEAL Workshop thought that it would be a great idea to elevate TEAL  Workshop to an international level, in the year 2002 the first "International"  TEAL Workshop was held by Doshisha University, Japan, at Doshisha Retreat and  International Conference Center in Shika, Japan. This year Tsing Hua Linguistics  is pleased to host the second international TEAL Workshop, and it  will organize the workshop along the spirit that had been alive in the meetings  of TEAL Workshop in Southern California, that is, to encourage young scholars to present their ideas and to promote the status of East Asian languages as an  important source for the research of grammatical theory.

CALL for Papers

The Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, is pleased to announce that the Second International Theoretical East Asian Linguistic Workshop (TEAL Workshop) will be held on Jun 12 to June 13, 2004 at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. 

We welcome submissions of works of theoretical interests from all subfields of linguistics, preferably (but not limited to) works bearing on East Asian languages or comparative analyses involving East Asian languages.  The workshop includes two separate sessions, oral presentations and posters.  To encourage participation of young scholars, we reserve the oral session to those who are currently graduate students or who have received Ph.D. degree within two years, each for a one-hour talk.  All submissions, by default, will be allocated to the poster session.  The selection committee will review the submitted abstracts and allocate some of them to the oral session on the consideration mentioned above.  We are pleased to announce that Tsing Hua Linguistics has promised to provide 1 to 3 fellowships of US $300 each (depending on budgets and fields) to presenters of the oral session.  The fellowships will only be awarded to presenters whose work is single-authored. 

Invited Speakers: Invited speakers to the workshop include:

Douglas Pulleyblank, University of British Columbia

Daiko Takahashi, Tohoku University

Lisa Travis, McGill University


In addition, C.-T. James Huang (Harvard University) and Mamoru Saito (Nanzan University) will chair two Comments & Discussions session that aims at providing feedbacks to the speakers of the workshop.

Abstract Submission: Abstracts must be sent by e-mail, in PDF, MsWord, or RTF format.  We DO NOT accept submissions by postal mail.  The abstract must be composed in a font size no smaller than 11 points (preferably in Times or Times New Roman) and not exceed 2 pages (A4 or US letter), with at least one-inch margin on all sides.  The abstract should be camera-ready.  The workshop will accept at most one single-authored work and one joint-authored work by an individual.

Please e-mail the abstract to:

Specify “TEAL submission” in the Subject column of the e-mail. 

Include the title of the paper, the name and affiliation of the author, contact information, and the status of the author (student, Ph.D. within two years, or none of these) in the body of the e-mail.  Include the submission as an attached file to the e-mail.  If there are special fonts used in the file, please specify them in the e-mail.

Important Dates: The deadline for submission is 20th, April 2004.  Notice of acceptance will be sent out before 1st, May 2004 by e–mail.  Presenters who are allocated to the oral session are required to present a one-hour talk. 

For detailed information on posters, see Posters.

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