Past courses taught by T.-H. Jonah Lin

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Courses in Fall 2011

The Grammar of Siraya 10010LING535300

The Syntax of Functional Elements 10010LING535200

Syntax I 10010LING500300

Courses in Spring 2011

Syntax Seminar: Construction of Clauses 09920LING535100

Semantic Seminar: Tense and Structure 09920LING576400

Courses in Fall 2010

Syntactic Theory: Clause Structure 09910LING526000

Semantic Theory 09910LING576200

Course in Spring 2010

Seminar on Grammatical Theory 09820LING579200

Syntax II 09820LING500400

Advanced English: Reading and Discussion 09820FL102806

Course in Fall 2009

Seminar on Syntax 09810LING531700

Syntax I 09810LING500300

Courses in Spring 2009

Semantics and Event 09720LING576300

Topics on Minimalist Syntax 09720LING531400

Courses in Fall 2008

Formal Semantics 09710LING576100

Syntax Seminar 09710LING575800

Advanced English: Reading and Discussion 09710FL102801

Courses in Spring 2008

Syntax (II) 09620LING 579200

Seminar on grammatical theory 09620LING 579200

Grammar of Chinese 09620HSS 330600

Courses in Fall 2007

Syntax (I) (09610LING500300)

Seminar on Syntactic Theory (09610LING534500)

Courses in Spring 2007

Seminar on Minimalist Syntax (09520LING533900)

Universal Grammer (09520HSS 330400)

Current Thoughts in Linguistics (09520HSS 230000)

Contemporary Grammatical Theories (HCU course.)

Courses in Fall 2006

Seminar on Minimalism (09510LING533900)

Advanced English: Reading and Discussion (09510FL102802)

Semantics (HCU course)

Courses in Spring 2006

Syntax II (09420LING500400)

Issues on Formal Semantics (09420LING575500)

Comparative Grammar of Chinese and English (09420HSS 430200)

Syntax (HCU course)

Courses in Fall 2005

Syntax I (09410LING500300)

Logic and Formal Semantics (09410LING578400)

Advanced English: Reading and Discussion (09410LANG102103)


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