Syntax Seminar: The Syntax of Functional Elements

Fall 2011, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University




General information

Instructor: T.-H. Jonah Lin

Time & location: Monday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, B305

Tel: (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402



Teaching material 

The books and papers listed below.



1. Class attendance: 20%.

2. Term paper: 80%.


List of papers and books to be studied

1.      Lin, T.-H. Jonah. 2011. Mandarin conditionals. Manuscript. National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

2.      Lin, T.-H. Jonah. 2009. Occurrence of event and locative subjects in Mandarin Chinese. Manuscript. National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

3.      Tortora, Christina. 2001. Evidence for a null locative in Italian. In Guglielmo Cinque & Giampaolo Salvi, eds. Current Studies in Italian Syntax: Studies Offered to Lorenzo Renzi, 313-326. London: Elsevier.

4.      Cuervo, Maria Cristina. 2003. Datives at large. Ph.D. dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5.      Benincà, Paola, and Christina Tortora. 2009. Towards a finer-grained theory of Italian participial clausal architecture. University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 15.1: 17-26.

6.      Landau, Idan. 2009. The locative syntax of experiencers. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

7.      Miyagawa, Shigeru. 2009. Why agree? Why move? Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.