The Grammar of Siraya

Fall 2011, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University




General information

Instructor: T.-H. Jonah Lin

Time & location: Thursday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, B305

Tel: (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402




1. Class attendance: 20%.

2. Term paper: 80%.


Teaching material 

1.    Siraya Glossary: Based on the Gospel of St. Matthew in Formosan (Sinkan Dialect) - A Preliminary Survey. Edgar L. Macapili. Tainan: Tainan Pe-po Siraya Culture Association.

       (西拉雅詞彙初探~以新港語馬太福音研究為主例, 萬益嘉, 台南縣平埔族西拉雅文化協會, 2008)

2.    The Gospel of St. Matthew in Formosan (Sinkang Dialect) with corresponding versions in Dutch and English. William Campbell (甘為霖). London: Trčbner & Co. 1888.