09710FL102801 Advanced English, Fall 2008

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

National Tsing Hua University




General information

Instructor: T.-H. Jonah Lin

Time & location: Mon 10:00 am – 1:00 pm; C412

Tel: (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402

E-mail: jonahlin@mx.nthu.edu.tw



1.      Class attendance & presentation: 30%.

2.      Midterm exam: 35%.

3.      Final exam: 35%



Each student is required to present part of the class material (i.e. the articles in the following list).  The presentation will be scored and it constitutes the 30% under the heading ÔClass attendance & presentationÕ.  There will be an midterm exam and a final exam too.  The exams are 35% each.  The questions will be translations.  That is, paragraphs will be excerpted from the articles and the students are asked to translate them into Mandarin.


Course schedule

What follows is a list of articles to be studied in this course, arranged in the order to be read.  For each article the title and the reference are given; if the publication provides an introduction for the article, the introduction is provided as well.  The number following the reference indicates the number of presenters required for the article.  Article #1 and #8 will be presented by the instructor as a demonstration.


Mission Accomplished.  Now What?  (Time 9/8/2008, p. 36)

The Beijing Olympics were a big success, but the glow from the games will fade quickly if China doesnÕt grant citizens greater freedom.


Tiger Trap (Time 7/21/2008, p. 32) (3)

AsiaÕs track record of stellar economic growth is increasingly threatened by the return of an old nemesis: runaway inflation.


How To Fix Capitalism (Time 8/21/2008, p. 24) (6)

In these tough times, itÕs easy to forget that during the past century, the world has gotten better.  But billions have not been able to benefit from capitalismÕs miracle.  HereÕs how to help them.  [An article written by Bill Gates]


Forget Chernobyl (Time 2/25/2008) (4)

From India to Finland, nuclear energy is making a comeback.  But old fears die hard.


Postcard: Ranthambore (Time 6/23/2008, p. 4) (2)

An Indian tiger reserve experiences a sudden, welcome baby boom.  The lessons learned may help save the animals from extinction.  The great catÕs last, best hope.


Class Dismissed (Time 3/17/2008, p. 39) (3)

With enrollments falling, Japanese universities find they must reform to compete internationally.


Cosmic Flock (Time 4/7/2008, p. 34) (3)

The solar system is filled with NASAÕs busy ships – and theyÕre having a very good year.


Talk Of Genetics And Vice Versa (Nature 413, 4, October 2001, p. 465)

Does our ability to talk lie in our genes? The suspicion is bolstered by the discovery of a gene that might affect how the brain circuitry needed for speech and language develops.


Character Building (Nature 410, 1 March 2001, p. 19) (2)

How do writing systems such as ChinaÕs deal with the twenty-first century?


Gained In The Translation (Nature 409, 8 February 2001, p. 667) (2)

Scientific knowledge is enriched as it moves between languages.


Perceptions Of Knowledge (Nature 410, 1 March 2001, p.21) (2)


TaiwanÕs Gift To The World (Nature 403, 17 February, 2000, p. 709) (2)


Slow Boat To Melanesia? (Nature 410, 8 March 2001, p.166) (2)


Tongue Tied (Nature 438, 10 November 2005, p.148) (3)

Endangered languages often contain key linguistic insights found nowhere else.  But the tongues are disappearing faster than scientists can document them.


When Words Fail (Nature 410, 8 March 2001, p. 149) (2)

Scientists have to struggle with words that donÕt fit reality.