Syllabus, Universal Grammar, Spring 2007

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

National Tsing Hua University


Instructor:          T.-H. Jonah Lin

Telephone:         (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402



Teaching material

1.            Introductory Syntax (only to chapter 8). C.-T. James Huang. Harvard University.


2.            Lecture notes: Comparative Grammar of Chinese and English. T.-H. Jonah Lin



Useful readings

(1)          Transformational syntax: a student's guide to Chomsky's extended standard theory. A. Radford, Cambridge University Press, 1981.

(2)          Introduction to Government and Binding Theory. L. Haegeman, Oxford, 1991.



(1)          Class participation: 20%

(2)          A final paper: 80%


Topics to be covered in this course

Knowledge of Grammar

Evidence for Syntactic Structure

Phrase Structure Grammar (I)

Phrase Structure Grammar (II)

Lexical Relations and Grammatical Relations

Transformations (I): The English Auxiliary System

Transformations (II): Passive, Raising and Control

Transformations (III): Questions, Topics, and Relative Clauses

Constraints on Transformations

Case, Agreement, and Tense

The Theory of Syntax Recast

Phrase Structure in Mandarin Chinese

Transformations in Mandarin Chinese

Subjects and Predicates in Mandarin Chinese