Syllabus, Current Thoughts in Linguistics, Spring 2007

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

National Tsing Hua University


Instructor:          T.-H. Jonah Lin

Telephone:         (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402



Teaching material

Lecture Notes for Current Thoughts in Linguistics, Jonah Lin  Download (PDF, 29.1 MB)



(1)          Class participation: 20%

(2)          Assignments and a final paper: 80%


Topics to be covered in this semester

1.            Language: Nature, Culture, and Structure

2.           Theorization of Linguistics

3.           Approaches to Language

4.           Language and Ideology

5.           From Structuralism to Generative Grammar

6.           The Biological and Psychological Foundation of Human Mind

7.           Language, Logic, and Thinking