Syllabus, Seminar on Minimalist Syntax, Spring 2007

Graduate Institute of Linguistics

National Tsing Hua University


Instructor:          T.-H. Jonah Lin

Telephone:         (03) 571-5131, ext. 34402



Teaching material

Papers selected from linguistic journals.



(1)          Class participation: 20%

(2)          A final paper: 80%


Papers to be studied in this course

        Lin, T.-H. Jonah; and C.-M. Louise Liu. 2007. Again and Again: A grammatical Analysis of You and Zai in Mandarin Chinese. To appear in Linguistics.

        Beck, Sigrid; and Johnson, Kyle. (2004). Double Objects Again. Linguistic Inquiry 35(1), 97-124.

        Beck, Sigrid (2005). There and Back Again: A Semantic Analysis. Journal of Semantics 22(1), 3-51.

        Roeper, Thomas; William Snyder; and Kazuko Hiramatsu (2002). Learnability in a Minimalist Framework: Root Compounds, Merger, and the Syntax-Morphology Interface. In The Process of Language Acquisition, ed. by Ingeborg Lasser. Frankfurt: Peter Lang,

        Snyder, William (2001). On the Nature of Syntactic Variation: Evidence from Complex Predicates and Complex Word-formation. Language 77:324-342.

        Lin, T.-H. Jonah (2006). Syntactic Structures of Complex Sentences in Mandarin Chinese. To appear in Nanzan Linguistics 3.

        Bruening, Benjamin (2007). Wh-in-Situ Does Not Correlate with Wh-Indefinites or Question Particles. Linguistic Inquiry 38(1), 139-166.

        Craenenbroeck Jeroen van; and Marcel den Dikken (2006). Ellipsis and EPP Repair. Linguistic Inquiry 37(4), 653-664.

        Rezac, Milan (2006). The Interaction of Th/Ex and Locative Inversion. Linguistic Inquiry 37(4), 685-697.

        Bošković, Željko (2006). Case Checking versus Case Assignment and the Case of Adverbial NPs. Linguistic Inquiry 37(3), 522-533.

        Thompson. Ellen (2006). The Structure of Bounded Events. Linguistic Inquiry 37(2), 211-228.

        Matushansky, Ora (2006). Head Movement in Linguistic Theory. Linguistic Inquiry 37(1), 69-109.

        Rackowski, Andrea; and Norvin Richards (2005). Phase Edge and Extraction: A Tagalog Case Study. Linguistic Inquiry 36(4) 565-599.